Same Day Crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry

Same-day crowns: transform your smile in a single visit.

Imagine leaving the dentist’s office with a flawless, permanent crown—not weeks later, but the same day your treatment begins. Thanks to CEREC*, this dental dream is now a reality. This groundbreaking digital dentistry technology has revolutionized most dental crown procedures, seamlessly blending advanced precision with unparalleled convenience.

*Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics

Efficiency redefined: the power of same-day crowns
A traditional crown placement typically involves a two-stage process requiring multiple appointments and an uncomfortable temporary crown. However, for single crowns, CEREC condenses the entire placement process into one efficient visit. Walk into the dental office with a problem tooth; walk out with a restored smile, saving you precious time and hassle.

Precision at its finest
You’ll never need a temporary single crown again. CEREC utilizes advanced CAD/CAM* systems to craft a custom-designed crown that matches your unique tooth structure with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Each crown is a masterpiece of technology, ensuring both exceptional aesthetics and optimal functionality.

Digital pictures and precise measurements are captured of your natural tooth. From there, the crown is designed and fabricated in an in-house dental laboratory. The finished crown seamlessly blends with your smile, restoring both function and aesthetics with remarkable precision.

* Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Comfort, redefined: say goodbye to temporary crowns
No more worrying about loose or irritating temporary crowns. With CEREC, you receive a permanent crown within the same appointment, eliminating discomfort and potential embarrassment. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a strong, durable crown immediately, without compromise to quality or safety.

Unmatched expertise: experience you can trust
Choosing the right dental team for your same-day crown is crucial. Honce Dentistry has years of experience utilizing CEREC technology, successfully restoring thousands of smiles. We strive to be at the forefront of dental advancements to provide you with the highest standard of care.

Embrace the future of dental care with same-day crowns
Don’t settle for outdated procedures. Choose the convenience, precision and comfort of same-day crowns with CEREC. Experience how this innovative technology can elevate your dental care, guided by a team of professionals dedicated to delivering results with confidence and clarity. Schedule a consultation and discover the transformative power of CEREC technology firsthand.

“Excellent experience as always. The team is welcoming and efficient. I appreciate that consideration is given to individual needs and not simply trying to sell the most services; as a result, I feel comfortable communicating with the team about my health.”

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