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Tooth extractions near you: reclaim your smile now.

While preserving your natural teeth is always the primary goal, sometimes extractions become necessary to maintain oral health and overall wellbeing. Discover the reasons for tooth removal, the process involved, and what to anticipate if a tooth extraction is necessary.

Tooth extraction: not always a last resort
Contrary to popular belief, tooth extraction is not solely a last resort solution.

Dentists prioritize saving your natural teeth whenever possible. However, certain situations necessitate removal for the benefit of your oral and overall health. Here are some common reasons for extraction:

  • Severe decay: Decay or trauma can extensively damage a tooth beyond repair. When they occur, extracting the tooth prevents infection and further complications.
  • Advanced gum disease: Periodontal disease may loosen teeth and damage the jawbone. In this situation, extraction may be necessary to halt the progression and protect the surrounding healthy teeth.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth can cause pain, crowding and potential infection if they don’t come in properly. They often erupt partially or remain completely trapped below the gum line. Dentists generally recommend extraction in such cases.
  • Orthodontic treatment: In complex orthodontic cases, strategic tooth extraction may be part of the treatment plan. Orthodontists may recommend this to create space for proper alignment of teeth.
  • Denture placement: Severely compromised teeth that require full dentures may need extractions to create a stable base for the prosthetic.

Methods of dental tooth extraction
The extraction method depends on the tooth’s location, condition and root structure. Here are the two main approaches:

  • Simple extraction: Dentists use this method when teeth have visible crowns and are easily accessible. A relatively quick procedure, it involves loosening the tooth and gently removing it with forceps.
  • Surgical extraction: Dentists employ this for impacted, heavily broken or deeply rooted teeth. It requires an incision in the gum tissue and bone around the tooth before removal.

We understand the potential anxiety associated with dental services and procedures. Your comfort is our priority throughout the extraction process, with pain-minimizing options based on your specific needs. These include local anesthesia, nitrous oxide sedation and, when required, oral sedation.

Benefits of tooth extraction
While extraction might seem daunting, it often offers significant benefits:

  • Pain relief: Removing a severely damaged or infected tooth eliminates pain and discomfort, improving your quality of life.
  • Infection prevention: Timely extraction stops the spread of infection from the tooth to surrounding tissues and potentially your bloodstream.
  • Improved oral health: Removing compromised teeth can prevent further damage to surrounding teeth and bone, promoting overall oral health.
  • Aesthetic enhancement: In some cases, extraction can correct overcrowding or misalignment, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Functional improvement: By creating space for prosthetics or correcting bite issues, extractions can enhance your ability to eat, speak and smile confidently.

Post-operative care and support
Following an extraction, you’ll receive detailed post-operative instructions by email for easy access. You will most likely be drowsy at the dental clinic office. This ensures you’ll have the information you need for a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Addressing your concerns and exploring options
If you’re facing the possibility of a tooth extraction, remember you’re not alone. Schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns and explore all available treatment options. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your specific case. Your comfort and wellbeing are our priorities, every step of the way.

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